About us

We sell parts for high quality vehicles in Ebay for many years. During this time specific customer demands often had influenced our product range.  

Over the years there were a lot of question of these customers to an own webshop. Additionally, we decided now to be more independent of rules and fees and established daddys-carparts.com. Now we are able, to offer our products and service possible for a better price. 

All offered goods are basically in stock and we ship immediatley (after payment) to our customers. And as always, we will try to procure the parts, you are looking for. May be, exactly this part will be our next "best product".

Now, our strengths you know. We are customer - greatly and service oriented. 

One word about our weaknesses, to help to decide in each case whether we are the "right" dealer for you and your vehicle. We see ourselves as a trader of "smaller parts". The procurement and shipment of engines, transmissions and / or large body parts is not our core business.  

Feel free to ask us, we’ll be glad to help you.